Implementation comparison: crypto_hash/round3jh256

Description JH with 42 rounds and 256-bit output; JH team's final submission for SHA-3-256
Designers Hongjun Wu
Implementations arm11 Peter Schwabe
Bo-Yin Yang
Shang-Yi Yang
neon2 based on: neon
qhasm conversion: Daniel J. Bernstein
neon based on: ssse3
switching to NEON intrinsics: Daniel J. Bernstein
simple based on: jh256/simple
sphlib Thomas Pornin
sphlib-small Thomas Pornin
sse2 based on: simple
based on: jh256/bitslice_sse2_opt64
ssse3 based on: sse2
SSSE3 tweaks from: Daniel J. Bernstein