Implementation notes: riscv64, hifiveunleashedriscv, crypto_aead/led80n6t4silcv3

Computer: hifiveunleashedriscv
Architecture: riscv64
CPU ID: unknown CPU ID
SUPERCOP version: 20191221
Operation: crypto_aead
Primitive: led80n6t4silcv3
TimeObject sizeTest sizeImplementationCompilerBenchmark dateSUPERCOP version
1631438366328 4 416015 772 848refgcc_-march=rv64gc_-O3_-fomit-frame-pointer_-fwrapv_-fPIC_-fPIE2019123020191221
2965673572936 4 411062 756 848refgcc_-march=rv64gc_-O2_-fomit-frame-pointer_-fwrapv_-fPIC_-fPIE2019123020191221
3138870042534 4 49971 748 848refgcc_-march=rv64gc_-Os_-fomit-frame-pointer_-fwrapv_-fPIC_-fPIE2019123020191221
3410338903062 4 410854 756 848refgcc_-march=rv64gc_-O_-fomit-frame-pointer_-fwrapv_-fPIC_-fPIE2019123020191221

Compiler output

Implementation: vperm
Security model: unknown
Compiler: gcc -march=rv64gc -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE
encrypt.c: In file included from led.h:1,
encrypt.c: from silc.h:2,
encrypt.c: from encrypt.c:4:
encrypt.c: common.h:4:10: fatal error: xmmintrin.h: No such file or directory
encrypt.c: 4 | #include <xmmintrin.h>
encrypt.c: | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~
encrypt.c: compilation terminated.

Number of similar (compiler,implementation) pairs: 4, namely:
gcc -march=rv64gc -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE vperm
gcc -march=rv64gc -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE vperm
gcc -march=rv64gc -O -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE vperm
gcc -march=rv64gc -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE vperm

Namespace violations

Implementation: ref
Security model: unknown
Compiler: gcc -march=rv64gc -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE
led.o AddConstants T
led.o AddKey T
led.o DEBUG B
led.o FieldMult T
led.o LED D
led.o LED80_enc T
led.o LED_enc T
led.o MixColMatrix R
led.o MixColumn T
led.o ShiftRow T
led.o SubCell T
led.o sbox R
silc.o ae_encrypt T
silc.o ae_init T
silc.o process_ad T
utils.o print_cxt T
utils.o pstate T
utils.o pstate2 T
utils.o xor_bytes T
utils.o xor_bytes2 T

Number of similar (compiler,implementation) pairs: 4, namely:
gcc -march=rv64gc -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE ref
gcc -march=rv64gc -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE ref
gcc -march=rv64gc -O -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE ref
gcc -march=rv64gc -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE ref