Implementation notes: amd64, comet, crypto_kem/hqcrmrs192

Computer: comet
Architecture: amd64
CPU ID: GenuineIntel-000806ec-bfebfbff
SUPERCOP version: 20211108
Operation: crypto_kem
Primitive: hqcrmrs192
TimeObject sizeTest sizeImplementationCompilerBenchmark dateSUPERCOP version
1928730100773 8 49152150906 908 70024T:avxgcc_-march=native_-mtune=native_-O3_-fomit-frame-pointer_-fwrapv_-fPIC_-fPIE2021012420210114
202393941632 8 4915289314 908 70024T:avxgcc_-march=native_-mtune=native_-O2_-fomit-frame-pointer_-fwrapv_-fPIC_-fPIE2021012420210114
227725042976 8 4915290146 908 70024T:avxgcc_-march=native_-mtune=native_-O_-fomit-frame-pointer_-fwrapv_-fPIC_-fPIE2021012420210114
235929425919 8 4915272122 900 69992T:avxgcc_-march=native_-mtune=native_-Os_-fomit-frame-pointer_-fwrapv_-fPIC_-fPIE2021012420210114

Test failure

Implementation: T:avx
Security model: timingleaks
Compiler: clang -march=native -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -Qunused-arguments -fPIC -fPIE
error 111

Number of similar (compiler,implementation) pairs: 4, namely:
clang -march=native -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -Qunused-arguments -fPIC -fPIE T:avx
clang -march=native -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -Qunused-arguments -fPIC -fPIE T:avx
clang -march=native -O -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -Qunused-arguments -fPIC -fPIE T:avx
clang -march=native -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -Qunused-arguments -fPIC -fPIE T:avx

Compiler output

Implementation: T:avx
Security model: timingleaks
Compiler: clang -mcpu=native -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -Qunused-arguments -fPIC -fPIE
gf.c: gf.c:116:16: error: '__builtin_ia32_pclmulqdq128' needs target feature pclmul
gf.c: __m128i vab = _mm_clmulepi64_si128(va, vb, 0);
gf.c: ^
gf.c: /usr/lib/llvm-7/lib/clang/7.0.1/include/__wmmintrin_pclmul.h:59:13: note: expanded from macro '_mm_clmulepi64_si128'
gf.c: ((__m128i)__builtin_ia32_pclmulqdq128((__v2di)(__m128i)(X), \
gf.c: ^
gf.c: 1 error generated.

Number of similar (compiler,implementation) pairs: 1, namely:
clang -mcpu=native -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -Qunused-arguments -fPIC -fPIE T:avx

Namespace violations

Implementation: T:avx
Security model: timingleaks
Compiler: gcc -march=native -mtune=native -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE
code.o code_decode T
code.o code_encode T
fft.o fft T
fft.o fft_retrieve_error_poly T
gf.o gf_exp T
gf.o gf_generate T
gf.o gf_inverse T
gf.o gf_log T
gf.o gf_mod T
gf.o gf_mul T
gf.o gf_reduce T
gf.o gf_square T
gf2x.o TOOM3Mult T
gf2x.o a1_times_a2 C
gf2x.o bit64 C
gf2x.o bloc64 C
gf2x.o o256 D
gf2x.o tmp_reduce C
gf2x.o vect_mul T
hqc.o hqc_pke_decrypt T
hqc.o hqc_pke_encrypt T
hqc.o hqc_pke_keygen T
parsing.o hqc_ciphertext_from_string T
parsing.o hqc_ciphertext_to_string T
parsing.o hqc_public_key_from_string T
parsing.o hqc_public_key_to_string T
parsing.o hqc_secret_key_from_string T
parsing.o hqc_secret_key_to_string T
reed_muller.o bit_vector R
reed_muller.o count_vector R
reed_muller.o encode T
reed_muller.o expand_and_sum T
reed_muller.o find_peaks T
reed_muller.o hadamard T
reed_muller.o reed_muller_decode T
reed_muller.o reed_muller_encode T
reed_solomon.o compute_generator_poly T
reed_solomon.o reed_solomon_decode T
reed_solomon.o reed_solomon_encode T
rng.o AES256_CTR_DRBG_Update T
rng.o AES256_ECB T
rng.o DRBG_ctx C
rng.o handleErrors T
rng.o seedexpander T
rng.o seedexpander_init T
vector.o vect_add T
vector.o vect_compare T
vector.o vect_print T
vector.o vect_print_sparse T
vector.o vect_resize T
vector.o vect_set_random T
vector.o vect_set_random_fixed_weight T
vector.o vect_set_random_from_randombytes T

Number of similar (compiler,implementation) pairs: 4, namely:
gcc -march=native -mtune=native -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE T:avx
gcc -march=native -mtune=native -O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE T:avx
gcc -march=native -mtune=native -O -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE T:avx
gcc -march=native -mtune=native -Os -fomit-frame-pointer -fwrapv -fPIC -fPIE T:avx