Implementation comparison: crypto_kem/edonk192k16n112nu4l8

Description An alternative Edon-K KEM proposal in Category 3. Conjectured security requires computational resources comparable to or greater than those required for key search on a block cipher with a 192-bit key (e.g. AES192) - Category 3
Designers Danilo Gligoroski
Implementations ref Danilo Gligoroski

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Details (compiler options, compilation failures, error messages, etc.)

amd64; Zen2 (830f10); 2019 AMD EPYC 7702; 64 x 2000MHz; genji346, supercop-20191017
amd64; Zen+ (800f82); 2018 AMD Ryzen 7 2700; 8 x 3200MHz; unstable; gcc68, supercop-20191221
amd64; Zen (800f12); 2018 AMD EPYC 7371; 16 x 3100MHz; unstable; temp, supercop-20191017
amd64; CascadeLake (50657); 2019 Intel Xeon Gold 6248; 20 x 2500MHz; pmnod076, supercop-20191017
amd64; SL+512x2 (50654); 2017 Intel Core i7-7800X; 6 x 3500MHz; oki, supercop-20181123
amd64; SL+512x2 (50654); 2017 Intel Xeon Gold 6148; 20 x 2400MHz; pmnod003, supercop-20190910
amd64; SL+512x2 (50654); 2017 Intel Xeon Gold 6148; 40 x 2400MHz; genji548, supercop-20191017
amd64; SL+512x2 (50654); 2017 Intel Xeon Gold 6130; 32 x 2100MHz; genji239, supercop-20191017
amd64; CannonLake (60663); 2018 Intel Core i3-8121U; 2 x 2200MHz; cannon, supercop-20190910
amd64; CoffeeLake (906ea); 2017 Intel Core i7-8700; 6 x 3200MHz; bitvise, supercop-20190910
amd64; KabyLake (906e9); 2018 Intel Core i7-8809G; 4 x 3100MHz; intelnuci8, supercop-20191017
amd64; Skylake (506e3); 2015 Intel Pentium G4400; 2 x 3300MHz; sand, supercop-20171218
amd64; HW+AES (306f2); 2014 Intel Xeon E5-1630 v3; 4 x 3700MHz; unstable; wyvern1, supercop-20191221
amd64; IB+AES (306e4); 2013 Intel Xeon E5-2697 v2; 12 x 2700MHz; manny613, supercop-20180818
amd64; SB+AES (206d7); 2012 Intel Core i7-3820; 4 x 3600MHz; unstable; gpu, supercop-20190816
amd64; Piledriver (610f01); 2012 AMD A10-5800K; 2 x 3800MHz; hydra9, supercop-20171218
amd64; Bulldozer (600f20); 2012 AMD FX-8350; 4 x 4000MHz; hobbes, supercop-20171218
amd64; Bulldozer (600f20); 2012 AMD FX-8350; 4 x 4000MHz; calvin, supercop-20171218
amd64; Bulldozer (600f12); 2011 AMD FX-8120; 4 x 3100MHz; hydra6, supercop-20171218
amd64; Westmere+AES (206c2); 2010 Intel Xeon X5650; 6 x 2666MHz; unstable; devoptimis, supercop-20190910
amd64; K10 45nm (100fa0); 2010 AMD Phenom II X6 1100T; 6 x 3300MHz; hydra3, supercop-20171218