Implementation comparison: removed/crypto_kem/bike3l1

Implementations ref_ntl Nir Drucker (University of Haifa, Israel, and Amazon Web Services, USA),
Shay Gueron (University of Haifa, Israel, and Amazon Web Services, USA),
Rafael Misoczki (Intel Corporation, USA),
Tobias Oder (Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany DFKI, Germany),
Tim Gueneysu (Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany DFKI, Germany).

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Details (compiler options, compilation failures, error messages, etc.)

amd64; 2017 Intel Core i7-7800X; 6 x 3500MHz; oki, supercop-20181123
amd64; 2018 Intel Core i3-8121U; 2 x 2200MHz; cannon, supercop-20190910
amd64; 2017 Intel Core i7-8700; 6 x 3200MHz; bitvise, supercop-20190910
amd64; 2018 Intel Core i7-8809G; 4 x 3100MHz; intelnuci8, supercop-20191017
amd64; 2017 Intel Core i7-7567U; 2 x 3500MHz; intelnuci7, supercop-20191017
aarch64; 2016 Amlogic S905X; 4 x 1512MHz; lepotatoamls905xcc, supercop-20191221
aarch64; 2018 NXP i.MX 8M; 4 x 1500MHz; googlecoraldev, supercop-20191221
aarch64; 2015 NVIDIA Tegra X1; 4 x 1734MHz; jetsontx1, supercop-20191017
aarch64; 2019 Broadcom BCM2711; 4 x 1500MHz; rpi4ubuntu64, supercop-20191221